The Round Earth Company is a professional Theatre Company that specialises in researching and telling local stories. At present we are operating principally in Strahan on the West Coast of Tasmania, resident at the Richard Davey Amphitheatre.

The Round Earth Company was formed in Western Australia in 1972 with the support of Childrens Activities Time Society (CATS) with Joan Pope and Jan Keely, as an 'on the road' company to trade in stories. The company travelled 1972-75 in Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia, working in remote mining and aboriginal communities.

Between 1975 and 1980 the core family - Richard and Kathi Davey with daughters Kiah and Alinta - travelled around the world in North and Central America, Great Britain, Europe and North Africa and India. They returned to Australia in 1980 and settled in Tasmania to commence a 20 year project in translating the story of Van Diemens Land and Tasmania into performance events.

Since 1980 the company has created over 50 plays and events in Tasmania and throughout Australia. In 1994 The Round Earth Company was invited to establish a performance program for travellers and visitors to Strahan and to Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbour.

What we do:

- Daily Guided Tours of Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbour. The tour has been developed from an ongoing research program the company initiated in 1995.
- Daily Performance of The Ship That Never Was, the story of the last great escape from the Sarah Island Penal Settlement.
- Stories and Interpretations for Group Tours.
- Publication of books and information material.
- Performance on demand of Piners: Bastards from the Boats and Bush, tales of the Gordon River timber cutters.
- Special events for Conference and Convention Groups.
- Video / DVD production of local stories.

The Company also has a repertoire of stories about Tasmania, many of them site-specific: at Port Arthur, Stanley (Highfield House), Hobart and elsewhere.